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To provide the very best in care to our residents within a home setting with compassion and empathy.

What is Avalon Care Homes Congregate Living (CLHF)?

A Congregate Living Health Facility(CLHF) is a private residence, licensed to provide 24-hour nursing care. The diagnosis of residents must include a catastrophic illness/injury (such as Multiple Sclerosis, Amyletrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Quadriplegia, Stroke, etc.), a life ending diagnosis, or an illness that causes an individual to become ventilator dependent.

Our Residence provides licensed nursing for those who need care beyond what can be done in a skilled nursing home and can accept patients transferred from the hospital ICU if needed and appropriate.

What are the benefits of Congregate Living?

Single family residence
Private room with attached bathroom and patio
Warm, inviting atmosphere to make the residents feel at home
Families and Residents can share ideas and experiences
Individualized programs for care including rehabilitation as needed.
Activity program designed to stimulate the senses and encourage wellness.